Customer Experience – Small and Big Wins

Customer Experience in Banking

Customer Experience defines the engagement model for any business – not sure why this thought entered my mind, as I was at a Drive-in ATM. As I collected the cash and was seeking a receipt, the ATM had a feature offering to send the receipt by email. Very convenient and just in the nick of time – I clicked the email receipt request and was on my way.

A month later, I was at the Bank and the Personal Banker informed me that they had a card that worked nicely for Travel. They would add 75% to the reward points on such travel bookings made on the card and offer it as cash back. Nice touch here – the Bank had determined that I had used the Bank from different locations and decided that this feature would be of interest to me. The card was pre-approved and was a click away from my wallet.

Another pleasant experience – meeting my need in a relevant manner with a clear value attached to it.

This blog will bring small and large customer experience stories that suggest that we are only limited by our ability to dream up user stories of value. Using these stories as a backdrop, an interesting dialogue can be constructed around developing a persistent process for reimagining customer experiences – we welcome you to join this dialogue.