OmniChannel Banking

Re-imagining channel banking



Built with an eye on future, “SolutionNET: Channel Re-imagined”- Omnichannel Customer Experience platform powers delivery of consistent experience across our own channels as well as third party channels. The platform supports your customers to Engage, Transact & Manage all their banking needs using Digital channels. A Secured and Scalable platform that creates a very simple & Omnichannel experience for your customers by providing relevant information to take apt decisions at the right time.

True to its vision of offering the simplest and most relevant ways to access Financial Services,
SolutionNET has designed its Omnichannel Customer Experience platform on 4 pillars:

Solution Net



Simple and easy to use User Interface
Hidden Business Complexities

Solution Net



Context Sensitive information at all points
Workflow driven approach

Solution Net



Spans across all products from on-boarding to servicing
Cuts across all channels and customers

Solution Net



Security framework to ensure protection against Top 10 OWASP Threats
Configurable Security Rules



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