SolutionNET's Agent Banking is an Android based application designed to meet the needs of the ever changing consumer banking landscape. With a multitude of access touchpoints of Agents, Branches and Lean Branches, the application offers crucial feet on street and additional real estate at a fraction of the branch cost. It solves the problem of access with security for the customers and is convenient. It helps you to deliver banking service at customers’ doorstep and make banks more approachable.

The same application can be used by the Bank appointed agents as well as service points managed by the Business Correspondents.

Bank Admin:

Branch Creation / updation / deletion.

Service point creation / updation / deletion.

Agent Creation / updation / deletion.

Assigning Agent to the Branch / Service Point.

Assigning Functions and access rights.

Defining Limits for Agents for each type of transaction.

Defining commission to be paid to the agent.


Enables Agent to enquire and view customer account details such as balances, mini-statement and transaction history for specified period of time.

Facility to print or download these statements and send it to customers.


Capture customer information directly using the application.

Customized APIs to link with government agencies for KYC validation.

Collect physical copies of KYC documents and upload pre-scanned documents to be integrated with the document management system.

Process KYC documents along with Signature Card (with physical signature or thumb prints) by sending them to Central Processing Unit.

Integrate captured information with CBS / MDM to create customer record and using CIF request can be sent to CBS to open an account.

Intimate customer via SMS immediately after creating customer record and account online, if CBS / MDM provides real time integration.

Integrate APIs with the existing loan application form to ensure seamless account opening.

Locate Customer:

Locate the customer’s address on google maps and provide navigation from the Agent location to the customer location.

Cash Deposit:

Agent can accept physical cash and enter Cash Deposit details.

Add additional security using SMS OTP notification which the customer has to enter to confirm the entry.

Send SMS notification to the customer.

Cash Withdrawal:

Agent can enter Cash Withdrawal details and submit cash withdrawal request.

Application will place debit entry with CBS and based on its success the agent can dispense cash.

Add additional security using SMS OTP notification and customer can verify the transaction details and update OTP in Agent Application.

Fund Transfers:

Agent can submit Fund Transfer request.

Application will hand-over payment request to CBS for processing.

Send SMS notification to the customer.

Add additional security using SMS OTP notification and customer can authorize the transfer in Agent Application.

Bill Payments:

Agent can register the customer for Bill Payment or initiate adhoc bill payment or recharge in case of prepaid connections.