In the commoditized market, banks are chasing the customer to offer the products and services. And given the number of options available to the customer from banking and non-banking players in the market, onus is on the bank to be accessible to their customers at their own terms, on their own time and on their own devices. To create this Omnichannel Banking experience, Banks have to put their customer first.

SolutionNet products built on the “SolutionNET: Channels Reimagined” platform puts the customers first and are designed keeping user experience in mind. Our products allow your customers to define the experience and create a consistent omnichannel experience across all channels. It allows you to be present in the customers’ world and engage more with customers.

Wearable Banking

Key objective of Digitization is to be omnipresent in the customers’ world. And what could be the better channel other than wearables to enter into the customers’ world.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is one of the channel based on the “SolutionNET: Channel Re-imagined” platform and it caters to Retail, SME and Corporate Banking customers.

Personal Finance Management

PFM is an excellent tool to engage with customers by providing them a tool to manage their finances. It allows the customer to get view of their portfolio with the bank, define financial goals, set up budgets and track their expenses.

Digital Onboarding

Onboarding for Banks have always been a puzzle and ‘Digital Onboarding’ solution from Vayana is meant to help the Bank to put the Onboarding pieces together. It simplifies the process and enables the customer to onboard in a smooth manner without any intervention.


bills4u is a smart phone app, which presents and schedules bills of the users, with an ability to pay online using wide range of payment options.


SocialConnect enables banks to be present in customers’ world by allowing users to enjoy banking services connected to their social profile using Open Authentication Protocols.