Dateline is an enterprise event aggregation engine that aggregates events from multiple channels and prompts relevant action. Dateline was created to increase transaction velocity and enable banks to generate additional revenue. It also serves as an excellent customer engagement tool providing easy access to information and provision to take quick actions. It provides the customer access to add their own events to the dateline.

Event Aggregation from multiple sources:

The bank can feed event from Channel system as well as other systems such as Bancassurance, Mutual Funds, products provided / serviced by subsidiaries / linked entities etc.

Integration with Social Media:

If the bank has opted for SocialConnect, the Dateline will pull events such as birthdays from the social media and include them on the users dateline.


Dateline provides excellent platform to display promotions for their own products / services as well as third party products.

Relevant Actions:

Core of the Dateline application lies in providing relevant actions for each event and facilitating intuitive and prompt action from the customer.

Segregation of Events:

In case of Corporate Internet Banking, all events are segregated by the function and displayed to the user based on his User Access Matrix.

Integration with Merchants:

In order to facilitate certain transactions such as Gifts or Redemption of Points, Dateline can be integrated with Loyalty reward merchants or third party merchants.