Integrating with Corporate customers’ ERP is the most critical issue in On-boarding the customer for Corporate Banking or Transaction Banking Services. Today ERP systems are processing payments and are able to extract the payment file to be processed by the Bank. Given that the corporate customer may be dealing with multiple service providers, Payment files are generated in their own standard format. In order to onboard or service the customer for bulk payment product, the Bank has to seamlessly integrate with corporate customers’ ecosystem and processes the files without any technology / process / operational overheads.

    Generic Corporate Adapter (GCA) provides one-stop-shop solution for following requirements:

  • Transporting file from corporate to the Bank.
  • Data Transformation for bulk payment processing.
  • Error Handling.
  • Reverse File (Payment Status) Generation to facilitate reconciliation.
  • Payment Advice Delivery to the beneficiaries.
  • Integration with External Digital Signature platform for transaction security.

    Generic Corporate Adapter provides the following benefits:

  • Straight through processing between Corporate and Bank.
  • Easy Integration with ERP reduces Onboarding time and improves Onboarding experience.
  • Reduces Error percentage in processing files.
  • Saves time and effort at both, the corporate end / the bank’s end.
  • Ongoing changes in the file format can be handled easily by the bank without external dependencies.

GCA Process Manager – Processing engine for files based on configuration & rules:

Performs the entire processing.

Reads the metadata configuration files with rules & validations.

Parses & processes files based on the setup.

Performs multi-threading for processing concurrent files.

Acts as connection handler with external systems & applications.