Internet Banking is one of the channels based on the “SolutionNET: Channel Re-imagined” platform and it caters to Retail, SME and Corporate Banking customers. It aims to deliver superior user experience combined with consistent customer experience. Internet Banking has a unique Channel Admin module that allows the bank user to manage multiple channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile / Tablet Banking through single admin consol. It helps banks efficiently manage daily operations and minimize vendor dependency. It helps bank manage:

  • Customer facing operations that include on-boarding, Create & Manage Users, Safety Net definition, Fees and Charges, Uploading file format definition and Authorization Matrix Definition.
  • Internal operations such as Managing Internal users, Master maintenance, passwords policies, security rule, and campaigns & promotions.

Our product is divided in two major variations, Retail Internet Banking and Corporate Internet Banking. Given that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are run by entrepreneurs who in turn might be the Bank’s customers for Retail Banking, SME Banking functionalities are combined with the Retail Internet Banking.