Mobility is catching up like wildfire and Mobile Internet is penetrating at a faster rate compared to Internet, fuelled by the declining cost of smart phones and data charges. Many banks have utilized this wave to implement "Mobility" strategy to enter into customer’s world seamlessly and capture Millennials customer base. Many new entrants are adopting "Mobile First" strategy to leverage mobility wave.

SolutionNET’s Mobile Banking Application is developed on SolutionNET: Channels Re-imagined platform enables banks implement their Mobility strategy and deliver rich mobile experience. In addition to regular banking services, mobile banking application provides features such as Dateline, Personal Finance Management and SocialConnect to enhance customer experience and increase share of wallet.


Enable self-registration for new users using ATM / Credit Card credentials.

Login with User ID – Password / MPIN:

Allow customers to log in with the user id and password same as the Internet Banking User ID / Password as well as MPIN which is associated with device identification code (UDID).

Pre-login Services:

Application supports number of Pre-login services.


ATM / CDM / Branch / Special Branch locator based on Geo Location tracking with navigation facility.

Proximity Marketing:

Promote offers from Merchants affiliated with the Bank based on the Geo Location Tracking. This function also supports navigation.


Promote your own products with appropriate Call to Action.


Engage customers with tools such as EMI Calculator, Rates Enquiries, New product application etc.

Contact us:

Provide contact details of the bank i.e. phone number and email details as ready reference for customers.

Reporting Services:

Account Information, Balances, Mini Statement, Statements, Transaction History and Transaction Search, ability to download excel / PDF.


Fixed / Recurring Deposit Information, Balance reporting, Transactions, ability to download excel / PDF.

Credit Card:

Credit Card Information, Outstanding Balances, current / unbilled / pending transactions, ability to download excel / PDF.


Loan Account information, loan transactions, ability to download excel / PDF.


Investment Information, transaction history, ability to download excel / PDF.


Manage Beneficiaries:

Add / Delete / Edit Beneficiaries.

Transfers within the Bank.

Domestic Transfers:

Transfers to other bank domestically.

International Transfers:

Remittances with SWIFT / IBAN Validations.

Future Dated Payment:

Customer can create future dated payment which can be held at Channel Platform level and executed on the due date.

Standing Instructions:

For recurring payment, customer can set up standing instructions with frequency and specific end date.

Payment to Credit Card / Loan Account:

Customer can make a quick payment to his credit card or loan EMI.

Bill Payment:

Manage Billers:

Add / Delete / Edit Biller.

Bill Enquiry / Presentment:

Present all due bills to customer.

Bill Payment:

Enable customer to pay bills.

Recharge / Adhoc Payment:

Customer can initiate adhoc transaction or recharge is prepaid phone / DTH etc.

Service Requests:

Cheque Book Request.

Cheque Status.

Stop Cheque.

Request Statements.

Card Activation.

Card Block.

Apply for Credit Card.

Apply for Loan.

Foreclosure Request.