Aug 2016

Corporate Banking: Complexity to Singular Simplicity

In one of the conference I recently attended I bumped onto Head of Transaction banking in one of the leading bank in the middle east region. He being a Cash Management Practitioner, we immediately connected and started exchanging notes. During discussion he quoted..

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May 2016

Customer Experience is “NOT INCIDENTAL”

Does Starbucks sell coffee? What a silly question … of course they do!! Well let me ask you again, ‘Does Starbucks sell coffee?’ Think again. If coffee is what they sell, then why is their coffee priced so over-the-top?And why do we go to them when a roadside..

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Jan 2016

Omnichannel Banking - Myths and Realities

Habits die hard! It was the last day of bills payment and as usual we forgot to do the needful as we headed out on a road trip along the rugged countryside. With this thing nagging me, the first thing I did at our first pit-stop was to take out my phone..

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