Thanks to emergence of social media, customers are ruling the roost. Now, banks need to sit inside customer touchpoints, rather than expecting customers to visit banking touchpoints. This change of location and context has brought about a transformation in transaction dynamics.

SocialConnect enables banks to be present in customers’ world by allowing users to enjoy banking services connected to their social profile using Open Authentication Protocols.

Synchronize Customer’s Social Profile:

The bank can identify the social media information to be synchronized and based on the customer’s privacy setting. This includes Profile Picture, Friend list etc.


SocialConnect allows the application to access events such as birthdays, anniversaries from customers’ Social Media profile. Once synchronized, events can be published through Dateline with relevant actions.


Use the data of likes fetched from social media to configure promotions.

Publish Events through Social Media:

Enable customers to share particular event such as accomplishment of goals through Social Media. The Bank can leverage this information to promote its brand.