Rapidly changing technology, especially in the space of personal computing and communication, has changed the face of banking. Multiplicity of channels has created opportunities as well as challenges for Banks. With increased number of Points of Interaction (POIs), delivering consistent experience across channels has been the biggest challenge for banks. And that’s why the Banks should consider “Omnichannel Banking Solution” which will help them to provide consistent customer experience across all POIs.

We understand Channels. Hence we provide “Omnichannel Banking Solutions” that allows you and your customers’ to “Engage”, “Transact” and “Manage” consistently across all POIs.

Across each line of business and within that each segment, expectations from channel are different. Therefore, in addition to regular channel solutions i.e. Internet, Mobile and Wearables, we have created different tools such as Dateline, SocialConnect, Personal Finance Management (PFM), Generic Corporate Adapters (GCA) etc. These tools are pre-integrated / embedded within our channel solutions and available as an optional module.

Our Retail Banking Solution and Corporate Banking Solution provide you comprehensive solution combining all relevant tools you are looking for in each line of business.