Key objective of Digitization is to be omnipresent and what could be the better channel other than wearables to enter into the customers’ world. Today wearables have progressed from being a fashion statement to a lifestyle device. Right from checking mails to getting alerts to tracking fitness, wearables are becoming part of lifestyle. Now along with how many calories you have burnt or how much distance you have covered, if your wearable device tells you how much money is spent on your card and what is your latest balance, wouldn’t it be cool?

Sensing this emerging trend in the market SolutionNet has launched its Wearable Banking. This opens up a new channel for the banks who wants to tap on the segment which is more aligned to the digital lifestyle.

Login with MPIN:

Wearable banking retains the same robust MPIN security of mobile banking.

Transaction Security:

Security Rules configured by the customer for the Omnichannel platform, will be applied for transactions initiated through Wearable Banking.

Balance Reporting:

For various products such as accounts, credit cards and loans.

Mini statements:

The customer can view his mini statement listing last "n" transactions.

Alert Notification:

Based on the notification preferences set by the customer, various alerts can be delivered on the wearable devices.

Due Bills:

Apart from the regular alerts and notifications, customer can be notified about due bills. This will definitely help the customer to pay his bills on time.


Based on the bank’s preference, payments such as bill payments, quick payments can be enabled through wearable devices.

Proximity Marketing:

Based on the geo location of the customer, various offers from partners / merchants can be pushed on the customers’ wearable devices.